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Tennis Custom Bobble Head (Bobbing )
Tennis Custom Bobble Head (Bobbing )

Tennis Custom Bobble Head (Bobbing )

Product ID:QM-3038
Bobblehead Price:$99.99
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Quick Overview:

This handmade bobblehead doll is the perfect way to commemorate a tennis lover. It's uniquely designed with the utmost detail and craftsmanship, featuring a standard 7 inch size and made of resin for a life-like appearance. Wearing that winning smile, tennis attire and racket in hand, it's game on for this custom bobblehead doll. The head can be customised to look like your own face, so you can have a permanently smiling tennis champion anywhere. Accessories such as glasses, sunglasses, text or a custom pet on the base may also be requested (for an additional fee). Of course, you can also customise the colour of the premade bodies to match your photo. We understand how important it is to give memorable gifts, so each custom head is hand sculpted and hand-painted with careful attention to detail. Our production and shipping timelines are fast and reliable, most with proofs available. With our fastest timeline, you'll have your bobblehead doll in no time! Whether you're looking for a unique item to give to a friend or a special souvenir to commemorate your love of tennis, this bobblehead doll is the perfect choice. Thanks for supporting our small business and order yours today!

Make your bobblehead doll a taller size
Approx 7" Tall Doll
Approx 9" Tall Doll [+$60.00]
Approx 12" Tall Doll [+$139.99]
Approx 16" Tall Doll [+$239.99]
Bobblehead Eye Color
25 chars left
Bobblehead Eye Glasses (As in Photo)
No thank you
add standard glasses [+$6.00]
add sunglasses glasses [+$8.00]
Bobblehead Hair Color
30 chars left
Add Base Decal Text
No thank you
Text Decal on Base (10 letters) [+$8.00]
Text Decal on Base (11-19 letters) [+$12.00]
Text Decal on Base (20 - 29 letters) [+$17.00]
Text Decal on Base (30 + letters) [+$23.00]
If Selected Above Type Text
35 chars left
Bobblehead Upgrades
Any Type Hat (Describe in notes) [+$8.50]
Company or Famous Logo [+$9.99]
Modify Clothing Colors [+$9.00]
Add 1 small item to base [+$15.00]
Add 2 small item to base [+$25.00]
Add 1 non-bobble pet to base [+$40.00]
Add 2 non-bobble pet to base [+$70.00]
Bobblehead Photos
I will send my photos later [+$10.00]
Bobblehead Photo Upload
Special bobblehead instructions & Comments
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