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Sushi Man Custom Bobble Head | Gift Ideas For Men
Sushi Man Custom Bobble Head | Gift Ideas For Men

Sushi Man Custom Bobble Head | Gift Ideas For Men

Product ID:M215-6J
Bobblehead Price:$99.99
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Quick Overview:

Introducing the Sushi Man - a 7 inch standard size custom bobblehead doll made of resin and hand-sculpted and hand-painted to exquisitely capture anyone’s favorite sushi chef. Our Sushi Man doll has been designed with painstaking detail to bring joy and delight to any sushi lover. His slightly oversized head adds an adorable touch while his chef's hat, special utensil, and carefully sculpted fish accurately depict a sushi chef hard at work. This custom bobblehead is perfect for a sushi chef, aspiring sushi chef, or simply a lover of sushi! Our high quality, handmade custom bobbleheads are made of durable resin so you can rest assured your Sushi Man will stay looking his best for years to come. This 7 inch doll is available in several different pre-made body colors, or upgrade your order to customize the body color, add glasses, sunglasses, text, make the dolls larger, or even add a custom pet for an additional fee. Choose from our convenient production and shipping timelines, most with proofs available, and with our fastest timeline being 1 week with no proofs. Make any sushi lover’s day special with the unique Sushi Man bobblehead doll - a perfect souvenir and the perfect gift item. Thank you for supporting our small business and our handmade, original designs.

Make your bobblehead doll a taller size
Approx 7" Tall Doll
Approx 9" Tall Doll [+$60.00]
Approx 12" Tall Doll [+$139.99]
Approx 16" Tall Doll [+$239.99]
Bobblehead Eye Color
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Bobblehead Eye Glasses (As in Photo)
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add standard glasses [+$6.00]
add sunglasses glasses [+$8.00]
Bobblehead Hair Color
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Add Base Decal Text
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Text Decal on Base (10 letters) [+$8.00]
Text Decal on Base (11-19 letters) [+$12.00]
Text Decal on Base (20 - 29 letters) [+$17.00]
Text Decal on Base (30 + letters) [+$23.00]
If Selected Above Type Text
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Bobblehead Upgrades
Any Type Hat (Describe in notes) [+$8.50]
Company or Famous Logo [+$9.99]
Modify Clothing Colors [+$9.00]
Add 1 small item to base [+$15.00]
Add 2 small item to base [+$25.00]
Add 1 non-bobble pet to base [+$40.00]
Add 2 non-bobble pet to base [+$70.00]
Bobblehead Photos
I will send my photos later [+$10.00]
Bobblehead Photo Upload
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