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Sean D^^ custom link 6

Product ID:4150
Bobblehead Price:$484.95
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Quick Overview:

job scope

create 6 custom bobblehead dolls as listed below price per doll 70.00 (420.00) 
Shipping based on Sept time line requirement 64.95 

 Total job: 484.95 

 Select free shipping at the time of the order as it is included within this link 
No further discount codes can be applied

  Name Eye Color Hair Color Text on  Base  Product ID Special Notes if applicable  - or photo name/number
1 Steve Blue Short Lt Brown Steve Carpenter Custom Bobble Head | Gift Ideas For Men (webobble.com) Plaid colr shirt , Jeans
2 Drew Green Half Balding Ginger Drew Elf Custom Bobble Head | Gift Ideas For Men (webobble.com) Big Beard,  
3 Dave Blue Short Blonde Dave Doctor Custom Bobble Head 4 | Gift Ideas For Men (webobble.com)  
4 Pancake Haxel Long Brown Pancake Casual Male In Jeans Custom Bobble Head 2 Holding Can | Gift Ideas For Men (webobble.com) Long Hair, Big Beard, Hawaiian color Shirt
5 Jamie Blue Short Brown Jamie Man With Cup Custom Bobble Head9 | Gift Ideas For Men (webobble.com) Scruff Beard, Jean color pants
6 Ryan Blue Bald None Ryan Video Gamer Male Sitting In A Chair Custom Bobble Head | Gift Ideas For Men (webobble.com) Glasses, Salt & Pepper Hat, Jeans, Black T-Shirt

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