How long does it take to receive my custom bobble head doll?

Before payment is due, our order form will provide the following choices for production and delivery time.  We offer 5 different time lines from 4-6 weeks down to 1 week with options in between. 

The timelines we offer are only considered approximate made and delivered times.

  • Approximately 4-6 weeks (starting from 14.95) – we offer complete and free proofs
  • Approximately 3-4 weeks (starting from 24.95) – we offer complete and free proofs
  • Approximately 2-3 weeks (starting from 36.99) – we offer complete and free proofs
  • Approximately 1-2 weeks (starting from 59.99) – This option offers in house proofing only
  • Approximately 1 week (starting from 109.99) – This option offers in house proofing only

 Please note that all our work is custom made to order.  Being said, we can only offer approximate timelines due to the 3rd party shipping and delays in acceptance of proofs or modifications.  If changes are requested, it will add additional time to your order possible making the desired timeline to be received slightly later. 

 All shipments require signatures for delivery.  We will ship with FedEx, UPS and DHL in all cases - We ship with overnight delivery, but some areas do not offer this service.  If this is the case, a couple additional days will be required.  Once your final approval of the completed proof is given, we have 1 more day for a slow bake and then can prepare your doll for shipment.  

**Change of address**  Shipping must occur to the address listed on the order form under shipping.  We are unable to make changes to the shipping once the order goes into production.



The busiest time of our year are during the months of October, November and December.  We may charge a surcharge per bobble head doll ordered.  We would encourage anyone who is going to seek a Holiday gift for that special someone to order early to avoid these potential fees.