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Custom Bobble Head Redneck Women | Gifts For Women
Custom Bobble Head Redneck Women | Gifts For Women

Custom Bobble Head Redneck Women | Gifts For Women

Product ID:QF-4238
Bobblehead Price:$99.99
In Stock
Quick Overview:

Introducing our newest one-of-a-kind collectible, the 7 inch standard size bobblehead doll! Available right here at our store and crafted with a special resin material to bring you a product of the highest quality. Making an unforgettable gift for yourself or someone close to you. This amazing family of bobblehead dolls was crafted with great attention to detail and features a unique redneck style women that is simply ready to have a good time. Featuring a custom head sculpted and hand painted to your exact specifications, these figurines are sure to bring a smile to any face. The complexion on the pre made body will always match the photograph you submit. Plus, you can choose to change any premade body color, add glasses, sunglasses, text, make the dolls larger or even add a custom pet to the base - all for an added fee. These 7 inch standard size bobblehead dolls made of high-quality resin, makes this product so perfectly life-like, you won't believe they're not real! With several production and shipping timelines options available and most with proofs available, along with the fastest timeline being just 1 week with no need of proofs, you can be sure that your bobblehead will reach you in no time. No other bobblehead doll can compare to this fantastic creation - show off your taste in beauty with an incredibly lifelike piece of art you can call your own. So don’t wait too long, get yours now and don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and family!

Make your bobblehead doll a taller size
Approx 7" Tall Doll
Approx 9" Tall Doll [+$60.00]
Approx 12" Tall Doll [+$139.99]
Approx 16" Tall Doll [+$239.99]
Bobblehead Eye Color
25 chars left
Bobblehead Eye Glasses (As in Photo)
No thank you
add standard glasses [+$6.00]
add sunglasses glasses [+$8.00]
Bobblehead Hair Color
30 chars left
Add Base Decal Text
No thank you
Text Decal on Base (10 letters) [+$8.00]
Text Decal on Base (11-19 letters) [+$12.00]
Text Decal on Base (20 - 29 letters) [+$17.00]
Text Decal on Base (30 + letters) [+$23.00]
If Selected Above Type Text
35 chars left
Bobblehead Upgrades
Any Type Hat (Describe in notes) [+$8.50]
Company or Famous Logo [+$9.99]
Modify Clothing Colors [+$9.00]
Add 1 small item to base [+$15.00]
Add 2 small item to base [+$25.00]
Add 1 non-bobble pet to base [+$40.00]
Add 2 non-bobble pet to base [+$70.00]
Bobblehead Photos
I will send my photos later [+$10.00]
Bobblehead Photo Upload
Special bobblehead instructions & Comments
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