Bobble Heads, Bobble Heads, Everywhere There's Bobble Heads

Who doesn’t love a bobble head? Even if it’s not your thing to buy one for your desk, you see one on someone else's desk and you smile. They’re just…fun.
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The History of the Bobble Head Dolls

Bobble head dolls are extremely popular today, used for a fun decoration or a collectible item. The bobble head,a doll figure making repeatable head bobbing movements, is dated all the way back to 1842. The bobble head is known for having an over sized head as well.
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Let the Blogging Begin

Hi Everyone, We've decided to bring back our blog. We will be posting interesting things here about bobble head dolls. We're in the process of writing some interesting blogs right now. Check back within the next week or so for some interesting reading material... Joe @
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