Designing your custom bobblehead doll is a snap with  At, you can choose from two types of custom bobblehead dolls.  The first type is called our pre-made bobblehead body.  While our second type is our full head to toe custom bobblehead doll.

With our pre-made bobblehead body, l we offer hundreds of designs you can choose form.  From a wedding custom bobblehead theme, to a graduation custom bobblehead theme, professional bobblehead theme such as a doctor, lawyer and so on to a superhero custom bobblehead theme. has so many types to choose form.  On our pre-made body designs, you have the option to change the clothing colors and we will hand sculpt the bobblehead of the doll to resemble the photograph you provide to us.

While the pre-made body bobblehead design allows our clients to choose from a large variety of dolls for around 89.00, if we do not have the type of body design you wanted for your custom bobblehead doll, then we offer our seconds type design, our full head to toe custom bobblehead doll starting at 139.99.

With this option, we can custom design anything you would want.  You have the option for pose, clothing types, accessories and colors.  In order to make the best looking custom bobblehead doll, you should provide our artists a few clear photos which are taken from different sides. Show us the pose if possible and even the types of clothing.  Our artists work great from looking at what is in front of them, or if unavailable provide a good definition to how you want your custom bobblehead doll. 

During each type of custom bobblehead doll, our artists will provide photo proofs of the sculpting for your approval.  This is one of free options.  We will provide proofs until you approve them to ensure you will love your custom bobblehead doll.

If you want to know more information about the custom bobbleheads, feel free to email [email protected] or feel welcome to visit our website: