Bobble head dolls are extremely popular today, used for a fun decoration or a collectible item. The bobble head,a doll figure making repeatable head bobbing movements, is dated all the way back to 1842. The bobble head is known for having an over sized head as well.

Although bobble heads came into the world long ago, they started making a popular appearance in the 20th century. Back in 1960, they began to gain recognition when Major league baseball created their very own collection of bobble heads. They had over a hundred bobble head figures of their famous players and many even became limited edition collectibles in the 1970's.

In the 1970s, bobble heads were finally produced with ceramic. Many could find their favorite cartoon characters or sports hero's in bobble head form, and at this time hundreds of American's began their collection. To this day, the most popular bobble head set is of the Beatles, and although it is hard to find today, the set is very valuable.

When the 1990's rolled around, bobble heads suddenly became a huge hit. Many of the ones sold are famous legends, athletes or political leaders. After their increasing popularity they started producing new types of bobble heads such as mini bobble heads and key chain bobble heads. All of the new and improved manufacturing techniques have also created very realistic and detailed bobble heads. Many of the modern day bobble heads feature realistic facial expressions and features and many unique details which make the bobble heads worth a lot of money to many people.

Today, bobble heads are produced out of ceramic or heavy resin. They are extremely durable and different from the ones sold back in the 1990's and 1800's. More people began collecting bobble heads and new websites were created allowing for people to create their very own personalized bobble heads. They now even feature matching tattoos, piercings, hair styles and much more. Bobble heads started out unknown to many people, but now they are an important part of our culture and have grown in popularity to become a favorite collectible for many.