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When Can I Expect My Custom Bobblehead Doll?

Shipping / Production Time

During your order checkout at WeBobble.com, you'll have the opportunity to select the timeframe in which you'd like to receive your custom bobblehead dolls. It's important to note that each bobblehead is meticulously hand-sculpted, making it challenging to provide precise guarantees or warranties regarding delivery times. However, we make every effort to meet your delivery expectations in most cases.

As part of our process, we send proof photos to you once production begins, based on the selected timeline. Please keep in mind that during the holiday season in November and December, special considerations apply (see Holiday schedule below). Any delays in receiving your approval for the proof or requests for changes may extend the completion time.

We provide various shipping options to help you receive your custom bobblehead within your desired timeframe. Below, you'll find an overview of these options and how they work. If you require the bobblehead for a specific date, we recommend allowing extra time to ensure a timely delivery for your event. Please note that weekends and national holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and July 4th, do not count toward the delivery time.

Production Timeline:

- Your production begins on the day following receipt of your photos and payment.
- For example, if you place your order on a Monday, the delivery time is calculated from Tuesday (excluding holidays).
- All items are shipped from our factory in China.

Approx 4-6 Weeks Received Time:

This is our standard option, ideal for those who have ample time to receive their custom bobbleheads. It includes full proofs and offers either FedEx or UPS delivery to your location. You'll receive proofs at every stage of the process: Head & Hair, Color, and Body (if applicable). You can provide feedback to our artists to make minor adjustments for the perfect likeness to your photo. Once all approvals are received, we will carefully pack and send out your item. Please note that all items must be signed for upon delivery, and we do not deliver to PO Boxes or APOs.

Approx 3-4 Weeks Received Time:

Similar to our standard option, this choice includes full proofs and places your item into production with an artist sooner, resulting in a faster turnaround time. Delivery also requires a signature, and we do not deliver to PO Boxes or APOs.

Approx 2-3 Weeks Received Time:

This option, like the standard and express choices, provides full proofs and accelerates your production schedule ahead of the previous two options. Delivery requires a signature, and we do not deliver to PO Boxes or APOs.

Approx 1-2 Weeks:

This faster option involves internal proofing only due to time constraints. We strive to match the likeness based on the primary photo provided, but please note that we cannot offer polymer clay dolls with this option, as they require 2-3 weeks or longer. We do not accept responsibility for missed or late timelines and offer no refunds if the delivery falls outside of this window. Like the other options, delivery requires a signature, and we do not deliver to PO Boxes or APOs.

Approx 1 Week:

Our fastest option is designed for those who can't wait. We provide no proofs with this option and rely on internal proofing only. While we excel at sculpting our dolls to resemble the photos provided, the quality of the photo greatly assists us in this process. With this option, we cannot offer polymer clay dolls, as they require 2-3 weeks or longer. Keep in mind that by choosing this option, you waive the opportunity for proofs, and the dolls will be crafted according to our interpretation. Our satisfaction rate with this option ranges from 59% to 75%, reflecting the importance of your feedback in the creation process. As with other options, delivery requires a signature, and we do not deliver to PO Boxes or APOs.

Holiday Timelines:

Throughout the year, we offer special timelines for holiday deliveries. During these periods, our holiday schedule is determined by the day you place your order. While we strive to accommodate proofs during these special times, some dates may have no proofs. Please consult our holiday schedule during November and December for specific details. 

Please keep in mind that our dolls are handcrafted and sculpted by a talented team. While many clients find them to be accurate representations of the photos provided, some may have different expectations. We urge you not to place an order if you feel we may not meet your satisfaction, as all sales are final.

The production process begins upon receipt of the project's photographs. Proofs must be acknowledged and approved unless specified as internal proofing only. Delays in these steps may result in a delay in delivery, even if a faster delivery option is selected. No refunds will be offered for such delays. Our workweek is from Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday, as well as all national and federal holidays. Deliveries occur from Monday to Friday and require a signature. We primarily use FedEx for deliveries.

For example, if you place an order on Thanksgiving Thursday with a 2-week delivery timeline, the actual production will commence on the following Monday. Please consider this when selecting your desired timeframe, as delivery will occur two weeks from Monday, not the day of your order.

At HD Design Center, LLC, we will automatically send you email updates during each step of your order. We select the most suitable shipping method to ensure delivery within your chosen timeframe and provide tracking numbers. Our preferred shipping provider is FedEx. Remember that you can only count actual business days for delivery, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. All our dolls are crafted in our factory in China. During the Chinese New Year (1 week in February), our factory temporarily closes. We ship daily, and in most cases, orders are received the following day. Please consider the time zone difference, as it is 13 hours ahead of US times.

It's important to note that we cannot guarantee the exact arrival date of your order. Please regard any shipping or transit time estimates as rough guidelines provided by HD Design Center and other parties. We are not responsible for delays in third-party shipping, including customs delays, attempted deliveries, or FedEx/UPS cutoffs. To avoid potential delays caused by shipping or product availability, we encourage you to place your order in a timely manner.

Additionally, please be aware that while most items are delivered as single pieces, some may arrive in multiple pieces to prevent accidental breakage during shipping. Basic binding glue can be used to secure these pieces in place upon arrival, with Crazy Glue being recommended for its effectiveness.

Lastly, certain items, such as bobbleheads featuring motorcycles or desks, may include an additional shipping fee to cover the cost of handling larger pieces.


I understand that all shipping timelines are provided as estimates only. Due to the hand-sculpted nature of our work, we cannot guarantee the exact completion date of your doll. However, we do our best to meet the selected timeline in most cases. During production, we send you photos for approval, so please ensure that our emails are not filtered into your spam folder. Any delays in approvals or requested changes to the proof may extend the delivery time. We appreciate your understanding,