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Sandra Ha*** custom order

Product ID:Sandra Ha*** custom order
Bobblehead Price:$1,109.99
In Stock
Quick Overview:

Job Scope

Create 14 custom dolls
Price per unique doll head on each premade body 65.00
Price for job: 910.00
Price for shipping 199.99 2-3 week approx time line - full proofs on all items given, once all approved, we send out the entire order)
Total job cost: 1109.99

Job is discounted - no further discounts can be applied.  Select free shipping as shipping is built into this order.
Select Free shipping as shipping is built into this order.  We will provide clay proofs shortly after we begin the order.  It is important to make approvals in a timely manor to avoid delays in production.  Modifications are fine but can add time beyond our control.  
Time line needed by Nov 12th.

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Your Price $1,109.99
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