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What are proofs?  

What Are Proofs?

When you choose a production time that includes Free proofs (available for all options except our 1-2 week or 1-week rush service), we offer you the opportunity to be intimately involved in the creation of your custom bobblehead. These sculpted and painted proofs are a crucial part of the process, allowing you to provide feedback and request modifications if necessary.

Types of Proofs:

1. **Head Proof:** This proof covers the facial features, including eyes, nose, ears, chin, forehead shape, hair, and any facial hair (such as a beard, mustache, goatee, or glasses). It also includes the overall facial contour.

2. **Body Proof (Applicable to Full Custom and Polymer Clay Only):** For full custom and polymer clay dolls, we provide a body proof. This proof reveals the chosen pose, clothing types, body size, and any accessories. Keep in mind that any significant changes to the pose, different from what was initially described on your order form, may result in additional charges.

3. **Completed Proof:** At this stage, we've received your approval for the head and body, and we can offer color proofs for your review. It's essential to ensure all the details you desire are on the doll, including text, accessories, logos, etc. Once approved, we will prepare your bobblehead for final shipment, ensuring a speedy delivery. Please note that if it's approved and later found to be missing an item, we cannot add it after the fact.

Making Changes:

During the proof phase, we can make very slight changes to your bobblehead if necessary. We base our sculpting on the primary photo provided and your description for the body and clothing. After providing your proofs, additional photos won't be accepted, and significant changes that differ from the original photo or description may incur additional charges.

How to Request Changes:

All proof responses must be provided in writing, either as an approval or denial. Unfortunately, we cannot offer assistance if you call to discuss the proof. We recommend a clear, bullet-pointed email with any requested changes. For example:


- Make the left eye wider.
- Round the chin.

Please understand that this work is entirely handcrafted, and all requested changes must be communicated at once to assist us in the production process and ensure the clay molds remain intact. If you ask us to make the eyes wider and the hair longer, and later request further widening of the eyes, there will be no additional charge as long as it was part of the original request. We hope this process is clear and that you're enjoying the creation of your unique bobblehead doll.

Added Time to Your Order:

The production timeline you select can generally be met; however, rapid approval of all proofs is essential to meet your desired deadline. Keep in mind that changes, while striving for perfection, may require additional time. Each alteration can take 2-5 business days until final approval for that specific step.

Delays in confirming proofs will also impact your timeline.

Our Emails:

We use multiple email addresses in our company to provide proofs. Please check your SPAM folder regularly to ensure that you receive and respond to approval requests promptly.

Thank you for choosing for your custom bobblehead creation. We appreciate your trust in our craftsmanship and dedication to delivering a product that reflects your unique vision. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via email.