What are proofs?  

If you select a production time that provides Free proofs (all except our 1-2 week or 1 week option), during production we will happily provide sculpted and painted proofs of our work.  This is a wonderful way to be part of the creation process and offer your feedback to any modifications if needed.

Types of proofs I can see:
  • COMPLEXION PROOF: (For polymer clay only) - the complexion proof is a proof that sows the primary photo you provided to us next to a color swatch (clay color) that we ask for approval to sculpt the complexion of your doll with.  In our polymer clay dolls, we do not paint them, therefore all colors are sculpted out of clay.  Once this proof is approved, we can sculpt the head.  It is important to ensure you approve the color as you want the complexion.  Once approved and the doll is sculpted, we can not alter the complexion unless we resculpt the head which will incur a fee of $55.00.
  • HEAD PROOF: Features, eyes, nose, ears, chin, forehead shape, hair and facial hair (if applicable - beard, mustache, goatee, glasses) and the facial contour.
  • BODY (If applicable - full custom and polymer clay only ) - On full custom doll and polymer clay dolls, we will provide to you a body proof.  this will show you the pose, clothing types body size and any accessories.  As we base the actual sculpt on your description from your order form, changes to the pose that differ will result in additional fees.
  • COMPLETED PROOF - At this stage, we have received your approval and can offer color proofs for review.  We can not make any structure changes to the approved mold (except polymer clay).  This stage is considered the completed stage.  It is very important to make sure all the details are on the doll.  This includes text, accessories, logos, etc.   Once approved, we will prep for final shipment and mail to you in a fast manor.  If approved missing an item, it will be shipped out and can not be added after.  
During the proof phase, we can only make very slight changes to your item if you would like to alter the sculpt that we show you.  We sculpted the head, hair and body based on the primary photo given (in the event you emailed photos and did not specify the primary photo, we will choose for you the one which will be best to sculpt from) and your description for the body along with the type of clothing.  After we provide your proofs, additional photos will not be accepted and changes to the doll not reflective from the original photo or description will result in additional charges. 

All proofs require response of approval or denial in writing.  We will not be able to offer assistance if you call us to discuss the proof.  We recommend a bullet point type of email with changes.  EX:


  • Make left eye wider
  • Make chin rounder

Please understand that this work is all hand crafted and making the changes requested but it must be all at one time to assist us in the production and ensure the clay molds do not become damaged.  If you ask us to make the eyes wider and the hair longer we amend it and you request them to still be wider, that would be no charge as it was originally requested.  We hope this makes sense and you are enjoying the creation of your bobblehead doll. 



The production timeline you select can be met under most circumstances.  Rapidly approving all proofs can help ensure the deadline your item is needed by.  Also understand that changes do take time and although we try for perfection each time the first time, we sometimes need to modify your doll per your request.  Each change can take upwards of 2-5 business days until final approval of that one step. 


Delays in receiving confirmation proofs will also cause missed timelines.  


We use many emails in our company to provide proofs.  It is important to check SPAM in case something we send you for approval is seen ASAP. 

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