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What type of photos do you select?

We accept jpeg, Bmp, png, AI, PS, PDF

 What kind of photos do you need?

We are as good as what we receive.  The best way to figure out if the photo you use to create your doll is considered good enough.  Act like you  do not know the person.  If you look at the photo, can you see the detail of the face - such as dimples, wrinkles etc.  If you can see them, so can we and we can add them to the creation which will make the doll more resemble the actual person.  We require 1 primary photo in the expression you want the doll to be in.  We are not able to use multiple photos (it would be like trying to make words from different media sources, it ends up looking like a ransom note - so would the doll)

Do I have to tell you the eye color?

Yes, the reason we require the eye color is that sometimes photos do not show it properly.  Some photos have red eye as well making it hard to determine.

What are the rules in regards to Hair Styles?

We fall back to the primary photo in regards to the hair style.  We recommend for some folks who wear their hair a certain way in the back to provide a rear or profile photo so we can see the type of hair they are referring to. 

Important note, our bobblehead dolls are created with resin which is very hard by nature.  Due to the construction of our dolls, the hair line must not interfere with the shoulders or neck.  We will do our best to make the hair on the doll low enough to allow a bobble action.  If the hair is lower than the shoulders, the movement will be restricted.  Requests to make the hair in the front and back below the shoulder; is fine but your doll will have limited or no movement within the head.  For this type doll, we recommend our clients to order a fixed head type where we have no limitations.  If you provide a photo with long hair, we will do our best to make the hair like the photo and provide as much movements as possible.  But we do urge you to only create the hair above the shoulder to allow our bobble head dolls the maximum bobble action.