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Product ID:4106-2
Bobblehead Price:$1,800.00
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Quick Overview:

Job Scope

Custom design and create 20 units (duplicates)


suit (clothes), 

shoes as Cp1, Cp2, Cp3, Cp4

We want bobble to hold the shovel – same as shovel pic

text:   The Charlies 2019

need 4/12/2019

Total cost: 1800.00

Please select free shipping as shipping is included in this link.  Proof will be sent in clay as well as color.  We will provide proofs in around 2 weeks time and just make approvals or modifications timely.  The date required is no trouble to meet as long as proofs are replied to and excessive changes do not occur which can result in delays beyond our control.  Once this is completed, you will receive the order receipt where you can simply reply back and attach the photos.

Your Price $1,800.00
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