New designs have been the target of available now

Over the last decade, we have enjoyed creating custom bobblehead dolls for our clients.  Each year we removed older stock while upgrading to newer designs.  In 2016 however, we took it up a notch with our new premium line of custom bobblehead dolls.  Learn more about our newest collection and see some of the items we are speaking about.

The history of custom bobblehead dolls usually included having a specific themed item posed on a plain type base.  A person would be standing or sitting, holding maybe a specific item such as a baseball glove or a cup of coffee.  Earlier this year we decided to break the standard mold of creating a custom bobblehead doll and design new products like no one has ever done.  We are proud to say, we have done just that.  We have added over 50 new releases only available as 7 inch bobblehead dolls at our website.  Our pricing is comparable to the standard type items on over time, we eventually will simply be a full premium website only offering models of this caliber. 

So what makes our new premium custom bobblehead line different from the rest.  It is simply.. Detail!  A whole lot of new type details including more themed accessories such as water coolers,work stations and even unique style designed bases.  Some of our designs feature a wooden look while others can be textured sand with raised water (even foot prints are behind the models showing a more realistic theme.  

We strive on perfection and making great products, come on take a look today at the new premium models.  We have added a few to this post as a sample and will continually add more weekly.