HD Design Center, LLC the leader in custom bobble head dolls is working on a new website to be announced before the year end.  As with all of HD Design Centers, LLC websites each one is different by some degree.
Currently, here are differences of each site we operate:
  • Poly Resin Material
  • Hand Molded doll
  • Painted and baked finish
  • Water decal text
  • Sound Option Available
  • over 400 premade body styles to choose from
  • full custom head to toe option available
  • Free proofs (some time lines not applicable)
  • ships worldwide
  • completion time from standard 4-6 weeks dow to 2-5 days
    • 3D Computer Sculpted dolls
    • Resin material, no paint - computer etched / burned
    • 2D photos generated into 3D model and computer sculpted
    • Realistic Looking
    • Free proof - minimal; change possible if needed
    • Must be perfect photo, ear to ear, perfect color and level/straight
    • Over 275 premade bodies
    • Full cusotm available
    • Screen text option
    • Ships worldwide
    • time lines from 4-6 weeks down to 7 days
    • Hand Sculpted
    • Every doll is made with polymer clay
    • no paint used, all colors are different clay
    • best detail available
    • offer over 300 made bodies top choose from however we can modify any body
      • Make any male a female (waist and breasts)
      • Make any female a male (remove breasts and change clothing)
      • Change body size, smaller or larger waist
      • Switch accessories
      • Change colors
    • Free proofs on all phases
    • Ships worldwide
    • Time lines from 4-6 weeks down to under 1 week
    NEW SITE:  Coming soon...
    Did you know HD Design Center, LLC also sells the only Licensed Michael Jackson Bobblehead doll at our politicalwobbles.com site.  Come visit today!
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