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Jaffe custom order

Product ID:3824
Bobblehead Price:$1,513.22
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Quick Overview:

Job Scope - create 13 individual bobble head dolls

Price based on original order 97353 (body style)

Price per male doll: 100.19 * 12 = 1202.28
Price for female doll 166.99 * 1 = 166.99
Total doll cost: 1369.27

Shipping based on 3-4 week time line: 143.95

Total job: 1513.22


We may need to remold a new body in the event the existing mold is not available

Number Name Eye Color Hair Color Text on Base (if any) Product ID
1 Kerley LeBoeuf Dark Brown Dark Brown grey highlights NACS Chairman 97353
2 Hank Armour Dark Hazel Brown Greying at temples NACS Chairman 97353
3 Bill Douglass Hazel Greying NACS Chairman 97353
4 Brad Call Blue Blondish Brown NACS Chairman 97353
5 Dean Durling Blue Green Light Brown Greying at temples NACS Chairman 97353
6 Scott Hartman Light Blue Green Brownish Blond NACS Chairman 97353
7 Jeff Miller Dark Brown Charcoal Greying highlighs NACS Chairman 97353
8 Richard Oneslager Hazel Dark Grey Grey Highlights NACS Chairman 97353
9 Jay Ricker Hazel Charcoal Greying highlighs NACS Chairman 97353
10 Tom Robinson Blue Blondish  Brown NACS Chairman 97353
11 Steve Loehr Brown  Grey NACS Chairman 97353
12 Joe Leonardo Dark Brown Dark Brown NACS Chairman 97353

13       Sonja Hubbard Hazel Auburn NACS Chairman Female Similar body type with gavel in hand -Black Dress professional sheath, Pearl necklace, Ear rings, Black High Heel shoes with red soles Photo Image Hubbard_Sonja

Your Price $1,513.22
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