Are you a big fan of bobblehead dolls but wish that you could create a custom bobblehead doll? If so, you are in luck. offers custom made bobblehead dolls of all types. You can order custom bobblehead dolls from that look like you, your special someone, your child, your favorite athlete or even your boss.

The first step to ordering a bobblehead doll from is to sign online and visit the website. It is important to visit the website to get a feel for the look of the bobblehead dolls that are possible. You can browse the themes, such as baseball player, saxaphone player, lawyer, teacher, military, baby boxer, dancing couple, beach paradise couple and much more. You can also choose to create a custom bobblehead doll from head to toe.

Once you select the theme or complete custom option, you will need to submit a photograph, preferably a JPG or a GIF. A head shot is fine for themed bobblehead order, but it is helpful to send a profile photograph for a full custom design. You will also need to make a few selections. You will need to provide the eye color, the skin color and the gender. You can also provide any special instructions. For instance, most bobbleheads stand about five inches tall, but they can be constructed up to 10 feet tall. You will also have the opportunity to make changes to the bobblehead design when you view the sculpted head proof, which is completed by hand before the bobblehead is completed.