Choosing gifts for the woman in your life isn't always easy. It takes more than a trip to the store to pick up something that looks vaguely feminine. The perfect gift for her takes thought, consideration and planning. Here are some suggestions for narrowing down the choices for that perfect gift for her.

Who is She

Before choosing a gift, think about the woman for whom you plan to purchase a gift. What is her personality? Is she a soft, feminine woman who enjoys ruffles and lace? Think pink pajamas or flowers. Is she more business minded and practical, a sports enthusiast or concerned for the environment? Is she funny and quirky and would love something humorous? The perfect gift for her matches her personality.

What Does She Like to Do

List the things the gift recipient likes to do. Maybe she volunteers at an animal shelter or won't miss a game of a certain football team. Maybe she enjoys running and exercising at home or in a gym setting? Maybe she likes to hike or ride horse? Tickets to a sports event or a trip to the zoo might be just the thing. Schedule a day of hiking, horseback riding and picnicking. A perfect gift for her will focus in on what she loves to do.

Bring Back Memories

Think about positive shared memories. Frame your gift around bringing back memories. Write a poem and frame it with seashells brought back from a special vacation. Put together a memory book with photos and notes. Create a frame around a picture of the two of you at some event or activity that engenders warm, fuzzy feelings. Take her back for a weekend at a particular resort or place that means something positive to you both.

Make it Personal

There is no excuse to give an impersonal gift to someone you care about. If that gift recipient is someone special, show her by taking the time to make the gift personal. Don't just present flowers. Take the time to discover her favorite flowers. Maybe she prefers a plant that she can plant in her garden. Instead of giving chocolates for someone who loves chocolate, find out if there is a particular type of chocolate preferred and present it in a basket with other gifts you know she likes, including a CD of a favorite music group, tickets to an event she's been dying to attend or a candle in her favorite fragrance. Add a note or poem to further personalize the perfect gift for her.


Discovering that perfect gift may be a matter of listening. Maybe that special someone has been subtly or not so subtly giving hints about what she would like as a gift. However, do more than buy that gift. Tweak the request to make it special, such as personalizing it or adding a note or poem to make the gift perfect for her.

A perfect gift doesn't have to be expensive. It does need to show you care.