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Greg F - 20

Product ID:4130-2
Bobblehead Price:$2,125.00
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Quick Overview:

Job Scope:  

create 1 custom character - client provided
Approx 7 inch Bobblehead doll

Provide a total of 20 units of the same item

Fast job - Client is asking for the dolls to be provided on 10/18/2021  (Possible additional quantities)

We will provide proofs of the clay molds, please note - any changes to the molds can and most likely will delay the delivery of the dolls.  We ask that you make your approvals ASAP once received.  Delays that are beyond our control will result in a delay of the delivery.

Design - Client to provide


mold fee - 150.00  discounted (normally 350.00)
Price per unit (20 piece) - 85.00

Total production:  1850.00

Rush Fee - Waived

Shipping AIR - 275.00  FEDEX - approx 21 pounds

Total job: 2125.00

Select free shipping on this link as shipping is built into the job based on FEDEX / DHL charges.  
As indicated in email prior to this order, timing is important.  Proofs will be provided and timely reply must occur as each item is hand made and painted.  Once the first doll is cast, we still have to create the additional 19 copies and prep.

Your Price $2,125.00
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