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Full Custom Bobble Head Family Of 5 (Bobbing )
Full Custom Bobble Head Family Of 5 (Bobbing )

Full Custom Bobble Head Family Of 5 (Bobbing )

Product ID:FC5
Bobblehead Price:$560.00
In Stock
Quick Overview:

Create a family of 5 custom bobblehead doll, in the pose and outfits you choose. Even add accessories on the order form if you would like

  • Standard: 4 - 6 Week Delivery
  • Express: 3 - 4 Week Delivery
  • Rush Delivery 2 - 3 Week Delivery
  • Super Rush 12-16 day Delivery
  • Wow, I need it now (Approx 7 - 12 days)
Select 1st Hair Color
Select 1st Eye Color
Select 1st Skin Complexion
Select 2nd Hair Color
Select 2nd Eye Color
Select 2nd Skin Complexion
Select 3rd Hair Color
Select 3rd Eye Color
Select 3rd Skin Complexion
Select 4th Hair Color
Select 4th Eye Color
Select 4th Skin Complexion
Select 5th Hair Color
Select 5th Eye Color
Select 5th Skin Complexion
Design Area
Select Your Base Text Option
IF SELECTED ABOVE - Text for your Base
Add Logos to shirts / hats [+$9.99]
1st Person Hat [+$7.99]
2nd Person Hat [+$7.99]
3rd Person Hat [+$7.99]
4th Person Hat [+$7.99]
5th Person Hat [+$7.99]
Small Accessories 1st person [+$6.99]
Small Accessories 2nd person [+$6.99]
Small Accessories 3rd person [+$6.99]
Small Accessories 4th person [+$6.99]
Small Accessories 5th person [+$6.99]
1st person chair [+$25.00]
2nd person chair [+$25.00]
3rd person chair [+$25.00]
4th person chair [+$25.00]
5th person chair [+$25.00]
I will send my photos later
I will send my photos later
Upload Image **(Max. 1mb size on combined photos, check upload later is larger)
Additional Info
Your Price $560.00
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