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Full Custom Bobble Head Family Of 5 (Bobbing )
Full Custom Bobble Head Family Of 5 (Bobbing )

Full Custom Bobble Head Family Of 5 (Bobbing )

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This 7-inch family of 5 masterpiece is the perfect way to capture your special relationships forever. Expertly crafted with loving attention to detail, each piece is made of durable resin and is hand-sculpted and hand-painted. The full head-to-toe design allows you to capture the unique personalities of each family member in a single piece. You can style the bodies however you like, and provide a photo of the heads to be accurately replicated in the sculpture. During the process, we offer free proofing so that you are fully satisfied with your end product. This precious heirloom will become a timeless reminder of the love within your family and will be displayed proudly for years and years to come. Showcase the unbreakable bond of your family with this truly one-of-a-kind piece. With options to enhance and make it even more special, you can cherish these memories for a lifetime. Give the gift of togetherness with this sentimental masterpiece, and create a lasting memento of your family today.

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