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Dave S*** custom 100

Product ID:Se250-2
Bobblehead Price:$2,300.00
In Stock
Quick Overview:

Job Scope:


Create 1 unique custom bobblehead doll - head - Logo design 

99 duplicate copies


Total 100 piece order

6.5 inch bobble head doll


See photo for pose  

See photo for color:

Square Base - Black

Base Text: Evil Genius Games - see image - possibly remove head from design

Job Costs:

Price per doll: 19.50 * 100 units

Mold Fee: 350.00 

Total production: 2300.00


Shipping is not included in this price and billed prior to final delivery.

We will provide complete proofs until approved.  

Please select FREE SHIPPING on the order - - -SHIPPING IS NOT FREE HOWEVER AND WILL BE CHARGED BEFORE DELIVERY.  No further discounts can apply as this is considered bulk pricing and discounted.

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