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Bobblehead Price:$3,734.20
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Quick Overview:

Job Scope

Create 5 foot custom bobble head doll
Total size from floor to top of Abe Hat will be Approx 5 foot.

Abe will have glasses one as in sample photo

Abe will be in pose photo holding an Ax downward (fee for ax will be added at the bottom) leaning on, feet crossed

Dressed as in sample photo, no suspenders Plaid shirt, pants

Add logo to base lip

Square shape base
color and texture as a wood grain look

Shipping will be ocean freight - time line approx 30 days delivery once completed.  Freight is based on actual costs, we determined based on weight and size the following costs.  Please note, the added ax was not included in this so the dimensions will change altering the price slightly. The difference will be determined from the actual delivery and we will ask for the difference.  

shipping is approx. 684.20 door to door, ocean freight on a 5 foot piece.

Approx Size: The master carton is 175 x 75 x 50 (cm) 
Approx Weight: 80 kgs

Job cost:  2475.00   (slight increase from original quote)
Added Fees: Ax - 75.00

Total production: 2550.00
Shipping: 684.20  (approx)

Total cost 3234.20

On this link, select Free shipping.  This is not free and will be added to the order as this piece is unique our website does not have proper options for it.  So we build it in.

Your Price $3,734.20
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