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Custom Bobble Head Full | Single Design
Custom Bobble Head Full | Single Design

Custom Bobble Head Full | Single Design

Product ID:FullyCustom
Bobblehead Price:$124.99
In Stock
Quick Overview:

Welcome to our gift store. This custom bobble head product allows you to create a full design which includes the head and the body of the bobble head doll. Each bobble head designs are unique and made to order specifically for you. Custom bobblehead dolls are perfect gifts for birthday surprises, wedding anniversaries, gifts ideas for women or even for the man who has everything. Along with providing us the photos of the person we are going to create the dolls resemblance of, the full head to toe custom bobblehead doll also allows you to design the pose, outfit, clothing types and colors along with the ability to add additional accessories to the custom bobblehead doll.

Sculpt with Polymer Clay
No thank you - use standard resin
Sculpt with Polymer Clay (Min. 2-3 weeks timeline) [+$57.50]
Select Bobblehead Gender
Male Subject
Female Subject
Make your bobblehead doll taller size
Approx 7" Standard Size
Approx 9" Tall Doll [+$79.00]
Approx 12" Tall Doll [+$139.99]
Approx 16" Tall Doll [+$469.99]
Approx 20" Tall Doll [+$949.99]
Approx 24" Tall Doll [+$1,209.99]
Bobblehead Eye Color
Black (E1)
Hazel (E2)
Blue (E3)
Brown (E4)
Gray (E7)
Green (E8)
None Apply - described in notes
Bobblehead Eye glasses Section
No thank you
add standard glasses [+$8.00]
add sunglasses [+$11.00]
Bobblehead Hair Color
Light Brown (H1)
Med. Brown (H2)
Dk Brown (H3)
Light BLonde (H4)
Dk Blonde (H5)
Red (H6)
Black (H7)
Grey (H8)
Pepper/Salt (H9)
Salt/Pepper (H10)
Bald (H11)
Bald 2 (H12) with Stubbles
Strawberry Blonde (H13)
None Apply - described in notes
Bobblehead Body Options
Bobblehead Base
Add Base Decal Text
No thank you
Text Decal on Base (10 letters) [+$8.00]
Text Decal on Base (20 letters) [+$12.00]
Text Decal on Base (30 letters) [+$17.00]
Text Decal on Base (31 + Letters) [+$23.00]
If Selected Above Type Text
35 chars left
Bobblehead Upgrades
Small Musical Instrument [+$20.00]
Add a Car/Motorcycle/Boat/Plane [+$150.00]
Add a hat (on head or holding) [+$8.49]
Add a Bicycle [+$45.00]
Add a Desk and Chair [+$60.00]
Small Pet to the doll (non bobble) [+$40.00]
Logo to base or on the shirt [+$9.99]
Add 1 Small Items [+$15.00]
Add 2 Small Items [+$27.00]
Add something not listed - explain in notes to us
Bobblehead Photos
I will send my photos later (details will follow) [+$10.00]
Bobblehead Photo Upload
Bobblehead Special Notes
Your Price $124.99
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