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Custom Bobble - 24" Large

Looking for a completely unique gift that is sure to be a hit? How about an Oversized Full Body Custom Bobblehead Doll that captures that special someone from head to toe.

Create a full head-to-toe custom bobblehead doll based on your photos. You can design the pose, the outfit, and the colors of your Full Body Custom Bobblehead. Our skilled artist will create and absolutely amazing and unique work of are based on your description or your photos.

Want to treat yourself? Imagine yourself as a custom bobble head doll, now that’s what we call fun. Customize your bobblehead doll to include family members, wife/husband or a group of friends (the more the merrier). We can even make a Full Custom Bobblehead of you pet or add elements from your favorite fictional character. We're not happy unless you're happy so we send you Custom Bobblehead proofs for free. Browse our custom bobblehead options below and make your selection.  

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