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Business Card Holders

Are you looking for the perfect office gift? Nothing beats a one of a kind Bobblehead Business Card Holder from Webobble.com.

Webobble’s high quality, hand crafted Business Card Holders are sure to be a hit on any desk or in any office. We use your photos to make a one of a kind Bobblehead Doll that really stands out, delivers smiles and lasts for years.

Our artists use the photos you provide to create these beautifully lifelike Bobblehead Figurines. There are a variety of body types, colors and material options available so you can create the perfect surprise gift that will brighten their workspace every day


Our site makes creating and ordering your Custom Bobblehead Card Holder quick and easy but It does take some time to create these amazing high-quality works of personalized art so order early then just sit back and relax knowing you've made a great choice. 
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