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Boxer custom bobblehead doll
Boxer custom bobblehead doll | webobble.com

Boxer custom bobblehead doll

Bobblehead Price:$94.99
Quick Overview:

A muscular boxer showing what he’s got. It’s a favorite for lovers of the boxing game. The boxer custom bobblehead is a must have for fans

Sculpt with Polymer Clay
No thank you - use standard resin
Sculpt with Polymer Clay (Min. 2-3 weeks timeline) [$47.50]
Make your bobblehead doll a taller size
Approx 7" Tall Doll
Approx 9" Tall Doll [$79.00]
Approx 12" Tall Doll [$139.99]
Approx 16" Tall Doll [$239.99]
Bobblehead Eye Color
Black (E13)
Hazel (E14)
Blue (E15)
Brown (E16)
Gray (E19)
Green (E20)
None Apply - described in notes
Bobblehead Eye Glasses (As in Photo)
No thank you
add standard glasses [$8.00]
add sunglasses glasses [$11.00]
Bobblehead Hair Color
Light Brown (H1)
Med. Brown (H2)
Dk Brown (H3)
Light BLonde (H4)
Dk Blonde (H5)
Red (H6)
Black (H7)
Grey (H8)
Pepper & Salt (H9)
Salt & Pepper (H10)
Bald 1 (H11)
Bald 2 (H12) with Stubbles
Strawberry Blonde (H35)
None Apply - described in notes
Add Base Decal Text
No thank you
Text Decal on Base (10 letters) [$8.00]
Text Decal on Base (11-19 letters) [$12.00]
Text Decal on Base (20 - 29 letters) [$17.00]
Text Decal on Base (30 + letters) [$23.00]
If Selected Above Type Text
35 [product_charsleft]
Bobblehead Upgrades
Any Type Hat (Describe in notes) [$8.50]
Company or Famous Logo [$9.99]
Modify Clothing Colors [$15.00]
Add 1 small item to base [$15.00]
Add 2 small item to base [$25.00]
Add 1 non-bobble pet to base [$40.00]
Add 2 non-bobble pet to base [$70.00]
Bobblehead Photos
I will send my photos later [$10.00]
Bobblehead Photo Upload
Special bobblehead instructions & Comments
Your Price $94.99
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