Most of people think of bobble head dolls as gag gifts. Others see them as just something they get on special days at the stadium when they hand out bobbling likenesses of popular baseball, football or hockey players. And sure these are pretty common uses bobble head dolls, but bobble heads can also be much more unique and interesting -- especially when you're talking custom bobble heads made from photos of yourself, your family or your close friends.

When purchasing a quality bobble head, you want to make sure that the company making them is actually a bobble head doll specialist. I can't tell you how many times I have seen very poorly made bobble heads that ended up being less of a gift and more of an insult to someone. The last thing you want to do is give someone a bobble head that makes them feel like they are ugly or they look weird. The funniest bobble heads are the ones that are the most accurate while still retaining that gigantic head that these dolls are famous for.

I personally use one of these dolls as a gift for my five-year-old son. He found that it was extremely fun to play with, and he was very surprised when he unwrapped it to see himself looking right back at him! He jumped with joy and even screamed a little bit when he got the gift. It has never left his side since and he even calls it his "mini me" toy. It's one of the cheapest gift I've ever purchased for him, yet it is the one that he has spent the most time with and has undoubtedly had the most fun with. This is the magic of bobble head dolls. They are so fun to play with and they never get old!

And you may as well go ahead and add on some of the extra options. Maybe you can put your bobble head in funny outfits, or maybe you can even put a funny expression on its face. All of these little additions will help to further the value and enjoyment you get from your very own bobble head doll.