When shopping for great souvenirs or memorabilia, bobble heads are a great choice. Whether you are a sports fan, a toy lover, or love to collect items that mean a lot to you, bobble heads will fit the bill.

These comical heads can be easily displayed in your gameroom, bar, or even in a prominent place in the living room. Many people love to purchase bobble heads of their favorite sports stars. These could be baseball, football, basketball, hockey, racecar drivers and even soccer players depicted as a fun statues with giant heads that wobble and bobble with the slightest touch. It's wonderful to purchase these heads when they first come out because as time goes by they will be harder to find. By displaying them on shelves in the home, the memory of these players will go on as time goes by.

The amusing bobble head collection may also include heads of some favorite television stars, movie stars, singers, rock stars, horror figures such as those in the old monster movies, cartoon figures, and many others. The entertainment industry can provide several unique bobble heads for fans of all kinds of media. You may enjoy having some of your favorite cartoon characters on display to remind you of your childhood days, or you can give them as gifts to your own children who enjoy today's cartoons. Super hero bobble heads are in great demand nowadays with kids as well as adults, and these can also be found.

The presidents of the United States are also becoming quite popular as bobble heads. These presidents could be nicely displayed in a den, office, or library in the home. Those who are interested in politics will really love getting a president bobble heads as a gift. No matter what party the president represents, the bobble head figure will cause some chuckling to whomever starts that big head wobbling.

Bobble heads are also available in more generic forms, such as those that represent the different branches of the military. You can also find those heads that represent different careers such as doctors, nurses, lawyers and others.

Book lovers will love bobble heads of their favorite authors. Science lovers can purchase heads of their favorite scientists. Even gangsters get more fame in the form of a bobble head.

If you're undecided on a clever gift for a birthday or anniversary, a silly one could be a bobble head that gives a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary greeting while making the recipience laugh. It is even possible to order a custom-made bobble head that will fit the interests and loves of those who want one. Bobble heads are funny, cute, unique and bizarre. Shopping for one will keep you coming back for more.