Just about everyone has seen bobblehead dolls in their lifetime. In the 1950s, bobblehead dolls first appeared in the sports world representing MLB teams with identical faces. However, bobbleheads have evolved a lot since they were first launched onto the toy scene. Older versions of bobbleheads were mainly sought after by collectors, and nearly fizzled out in popularity. The upsurge in their sales was prompted by a makeover of the bobblehead doll when manufacturer's decided to switch the main material of the dolls from ceramic to plastic.

The volume of bobblehead dolls now sold on the market are virtually endless; you can find them for any season and for any occasion. Big corporations often use them for promotional purposes and even include mini versions in cereal boxes as prizes. It's easy to find bobblehead celebrities, politicians, cartoon and movie characters, sports figures, and animals that can be sold as a standalone or can be purchased in a variety of background settings. Because bobbleheads can be personalized, they would make the perfect office gift for someone.

Typical office gifts often lack sentimental value. Snow globes and geometric paperweights are gathering dust and cluttering countless office cubicles all over America and are soon forgotten by the recipient. Bobbleheads are lighthearted, animated and unique, which makes them a great office gift from the mundane offerings, and can be used as business trinkets, paper weights, and cardholders for a boss or workmate. TV bobbleheads, such as the cast from "Thirty Rock," and sports figures, like LeBron James ,are especially a favorite for fans, and immediately lets the recipient know that you put some thought behind your gift and will be totally unexpected.

There are online companies that can even handcraft bobble heads dolls to look like the gift recipient when you send them an uploaded picture. Although this type of gift is personal, it's fun to own and makes a great conversational piece. You can show your appreciation to anyone in the office without buying a gift that is too extravagant or too impersonal with plenty of selections to choose from.

With the holiday season upon us, people once again will be scrambling through crowded shopping malls and store outlets to find the perfect gift for everyone on their Christmas list. It can be especially challenging trying to find a present for someone at the last minute. Many bobbleheads are being sold at discounted prices on bobblehead designing websites and on Ebay under numerous categories.