For those who are struggling with finding the perfect idea for a friend, family member or co-worker, a bobblehead doll may be the perfect choice. This is a gift that people often do not consider, as it is not quite what most would call a normal choice, but this is what makes it great. It is unique, funny and can be customized in various ways that can make it a gift that the recipient will remember and cherish for years. Most people do not realize that making a custom bobblehead is actually very simple and can be done quickly.

The easiest way to get a custom bobblehead made as a gift is online. Buyers can choose a website that offers such a service and begin the process. This process usually starts by choosing a base for the doll. This is the general outfit that the doll will be wearing or the theme it will follow.

Once this is done, users can upload a photo of the person that they are buying the bobblehead doll for to the website. From there, the site will fix the image of the person's face to the face of the doll. Small adjustments can be easily made and then everything is done. The company will handle the printing and painting of all the necessary designs and ship the doll as soon as it is done. The person ordering the doll can choose to order as many as they would like. This bulk ordering feature is a great choice for those who have to distribute multiple dolls of the same person or design.

This is just a general overview of how the process of ordering a custom bobblehead doll as a gift works. It is an easy thing to do, a fun idea and is sure to be a memorable choice.